• Musée Guggenheim
    Helsinki [Finlande]
Maitrise d'ouvrage:Fondation Guggenheim
Chef de projet:Philippe MENDEZ
Coût Surface:7 000 m²
Perspectives:Sébastien Teulade
Anchored in Helsinki’s harbor, a calm yet powerful volume affirms its presence. From the docks it appears opaque, and no entrance can be discerned. Only then, a passageway can be discovered through an incision in the volume’s oblique edge. A wide ramp unfolds crossing the building diagonally. It extends the public space, and leads visitors to the museum’s main entrance. Like mysterious monoliths, four towers emerge from the base volume. Their silhouettes join the Helsinki skyline, positioned and oriented as they are, so as to become landmarks. By its massing, materiality, and by framing views the project aims to raise awareness to atmospheric changes. It interacts with its environment and with the city. Every person, every artwork, every event, every change, is a pulse that breathes life into the project. The Guggenheim Museum is a vital organ in Helsinki’s beating heart.